Let me start by saying, I’m very sorry that your home didn’t sell

I understand this is extremely frustrating. You spent months keeping your house spotless, began imagining yourself in your next home, and even packed up all your knick-knacks. But you didn’t get any decent offers and now you have real estate agents calling you and telling you that your house “expired.” You have questions and I hope I can help answer them.

What is an Expired Listing?

Just like food, makeup, and even batteries, your home has an expiration date. You may not realize it, but when you list your home for sale, the agent you hired must enter a date when the listing expires. Once that date comes and your home hasn’t sold, it is automatically removed from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and is technically no longer for sale. At this point, it is an expired listing. 

What can I do once my home has expired?

Once you’re home listing has expired and is no longer for sale, you have a few options. First, you can decide that you no longer wish to sell and remain off the market. Second, you can choose to re-list your home with the same agent and hope that the second time around goes a little better. Third, you can choose to re-list your home with an agent who specializes in selling homes which did not sell the first time around. You will likely receive calls from these agents as soon as your home becomes an expired listing. As annoying as it may be, this can be a great opportunity to speak to some of the more proactive agents in the industry, arrange to interview a few, and choose an agent who will actually get your home sold!

Why did my home expire in the first place?

There are really only two reasons why a home doesn’t sell and becomes an expired listing: price and marketing. In some cases, the agent you hired allowed the property to be listed at a price higher than market value. When a home is listed significantly higher than market, it has little chance of receiving any viable offers. 

The second and more common reason is marketing. I often joke that some agents have a “post and pray” marketing strategy. In other words, they post a sign in the yard, post the listing on the MLS, and pray that is sells. If a home isn’t property marketed, it isn’t likely to stand up against similar homes that get marketed with a proven system. 

Why should you hire me?

If your home has expired, let’s talk! I would love to hear about your situation and pinpoint the reasons why your home didn’t sell. I can start by providing you with a complete Comparative Market Analysis report so you know exactly what the true market price of your home is. More importantly, I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing with a concentration in Web Marketing and Social Media. I am confident that I can reposition your home and get it sold quickly and efficiently. Your previous agent listed your home, but I can actually get it sold. 


Ready to take the next step and get your home sold?